Hire Our Venue

Bassbox is a truly special environment in which to host events. The building’s history and unique layout of our venue provide the perfect destination for an inspirational and sensational event experience.

Whether you’re looking to throw a add Birthday Party, find the perfect “live-band” facilities for your Wedding reception or just put on a good old club night, we’re ready for you!

Our Facilities

The Bar

Running half the length of our venue, in the same placeĀ it was during the days when this venue used to be The Boardwalk, our Bar is always well stocked, with taps serving up local ales, alongside a whole host of spirits, mixers and the usual suspects.

Dance Floor

We restored the original Boardwalk dance floor to retain a true bit of the venue’s history, as well as a sweet stomping ground for whatever event you might be throwing.

The Lounge

Comfy seats (plenty of them) right near the Bar. Away from the stage, so you can get chatty whilst everyone else jumps around.

In-house Sound-system

High quality sound. We need not say more. Come experience it for yourself.

VIP / Green Room

A full-service room with original stained glass windows, luxury seating and table service. Right behind the stage, this room provides a bit of respite for performing artists, somewhere special for party guests to chill/prepare or just another cool room to offer VIP ticket sales to guests of promotors.

The Stage

Our stage provides ample room to be configured for multiple uses. Whether you need some decks, space for a band or space for a solo act, our stage will hold you.

Online Ticketing Service

Our website provides an optional online ticketing service, which works with in conjunction with a QR reader that our door staff here are the club have access to. This means secure ticket sales, no hidden fees and quick, “paperless” (ID still required), access into our venue.

Contact us today to find out ore about hiring our venue!